Patch Management

Patch management is critical to ensuring the integrity and reliability of network resources, and is one of most common and costly problems that IT and security executives face today. A disciplined patch management program ensures that corporate risk tolerance, security vulnerabilities, configuration and change management, IT infrastructure inventory, and functional and business issues affecting a company’s information systems are addressed in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We assist you in defining and establishing a robust patch management process and integrating it into your daily IT operations. Our consultants take a comprehensive and top-down approach to patch management process design and utilize industry best practices such as ITIL/ITSM. The process is also based on applying business and technical requirements, including those for change management, security policies, network infrastructure, and operating systems inventory. Our consultants will plan and design a customized patch management process and assist in implementing the process so that your organization can maintain it on an ongoing basis. The result is a formalized patch management process that connects your business and security functions to IT.

With our help, you will be able to efficiently manage patches for your computing environment from operating system to end-user applications.


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